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Easily Beyond 5 Stars! I tried to find a place that could fit me in on my lunch hour and came across the Ukiah Massage "Lunch Special"!!  If you're someone with a nonstop schedule, finding time to take care of yourself is difficult!  If I can't fit it in on my lunch break it's likely it won't get done.  Andrea's 45 minute lunch hour special was perfect for me!  Nothing missed, nothing rushed!  She turned my lunch break into a healthy rejuvenating session my mind and body could use everyday!  What a talent for connecting!!

Cheyanne Gordon

Lunch Hour Special

Yesterday I had the GREATEST massage by Andrea Reed! Got tension? Her hands hold the cure. Make an appointment today and get rid of those rocks on your shoulders!

Cynthia Ariosta

Ukiah, CA

Andrea has been such a joy to work with! I really can't even imagine how our birth would have gone without the support, care & love from her! I would highly recommend Andrea to any woman looking for an amazing doula. From the moment we started working with Andrea I felt a sense of peace & comfort. She helped us to create a clear birth plan & when the time came we were fully ready emotional,mentally & physically for the exciting "birth" day. Thank you Andrea for helping us bring our little angel Nola May into the world! Ukiah is very lucky to have this very talented, smart, thoughtful & so very kind lady offering family coaching & wellness services.

Lily Armstrong Pauli

Ukiah, CA

I received probably the best massage of my life from Andrea. Most relaxing, peaceful 90 minutes!!! Not only did I leave her office feeling like a different person, it's was visible in my face and posture she has released tension and stress that had been weighting me down. Andrea provides a wonderful non-traditional massage, focusing on foot reflexology and various breathing techniques. She had me start by laying on my back, which I thought was odd, but it turned out just the opposite. Andrea was able to get deep into my back, working out several knots and tight areas, all while using my own body weight and pressure to help her dig in. The foot reflexology was something I've never experienced. She paid close attention to stress points and truly listened to what my body needed, breaking up crystals in the feet and ridding my body of negative, toxic energies. If your looking for a truly genuine experience, I highly recommend Andrea and her healing hands!!!!

Ashley Nicole

Walnut Creek, CA

I had an extraordinary massage this week, Andrea is just lovely! Her space is soothing and inviting. As soon as I laid on her table, I felt completely taken care of and I just wanted to stay forever. I slept sooooooo deeply that night. Andrea is a healer on many levels, and this was an excellent QUALITY massage experience!

Sarah Joy

Ukiah, CA

Andrea is one of the most kind, giving and talented people I know! She is excellent at massage, only receive rave reviews and definitely somebody I would want by my side as a Doula.

Heather Hudson

Ukiah, CA

Andrea is so much more than a Doula! If you've never had one of her massage techniques you don't know what you are missing! When I'm having a particularly rough day I get my "air balanced" and then its smooth sailing!

Mo Mulheren

Ukiah, CA

It’s safe to say life has been a bit crazier than usual lately and I have a very full plate. Needing to relieve a bit of stress but not having time for a full-blown massage, I decided to try air-balancing with Andrea. Air-balancing was something I knew nothing about and had been described to me as “hippy sh*t but you will love it”… and you know what? I did! I am not sure I can fully, accurately describe what she did or how it worked, but it was fantastic and if you’re curious about it you should try it! I felt renewed and relaxed when I left her office, after just about 15 minutes. I can’t wait to go back and do it again! I love Andrea so much. She's very passionate about what she does, she is intuitive and healing and she is quite literally a breath of fresh air!

Jennifer Pearson

Ukiah, CA

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