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Holistic Massage Therapy

All Massage Sessions Include Aroma Therapy and Reiki Energy Work

Custom Massage Sessions
full-body massage with focus on healing and relaxation

60 minute session $80
75 minute session $95

90 minute session $110

Lymphatic Drainage

support cleansing and help release toxins
60 minute session $90


Foot Reflexology

stimulate organ systems and release deep stress
60 minute session $90


Head, Neck and Shoulders

focsed attention on upper body stress and tightness
60 minute session $90


Combined Head, Neck, Shoulder and Foot Reflexology

treat yourself to this wonderful combo
60 minute session $90


Fire Balancing

support digestion & emotional balance
60 minute session $95


Air Balancing

a quick calming, stress relieving break
leaving you refreshed for the rest of your day

10 minute session $25


Lunch Hour Special

For those with limited time, this is a great healing option.

45 minute session $70

Ionic Foot Bath

Relax with this incredible detoxifying treatment.

35 minutes $40

Prenatal Massage

As part of out Doula packages and as a stand alone service, we offer wonderful and relaxing Prenatal Massage. Treat yourself like the Queen you are and enjoy this fabulous experience.

Prenatal Massage-60 minute session $80

Doula and Happiness Life Coaching

Please call to set up a Discovery Session for Doula and Happiness Life Coaching services. 

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